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MYMAD opens up Julio Torres most intimate side, dj all celebrities adore!! And that is how he’s become known after 25 years working as a professional dj both nationally and internationally expressing his sensitivity through music, the same sensitivity you can sense as he speaks and that surprised me so gratefully as we spent the afternoon working on this exclusive interview.

1. How did it all start?
I have always loved music, mostly due to my father’s influence as he is a music-lover and keeps a huge music collection, added to the fact that he was a theatre company director years ago so I guess that my artistic side must come from him. Honestly, I also used to work for a imported music shop in Madrid, where we would receive lp’s from the rest of Europe and the US. This was back in 1986-87 (long ago, right?) when I had the feeling I should share the music I was passionate for with everyone and decided to make a living of it.

2. Where do good dj’s such as you get inspired?
It comes from a wide range of music culture, listening to rock music, classical, jazz, funk, hip-hop, soul, pop, indie, new age or even world. But mainly organic music..

3. Could you tell us which are your most important master pieces and maybe clients?
Phew, those are classified documents (laughs), there you have a long list:
Various Elle Magazine Awards parties.
Vogue‘s anniversary party, the opening party of Nox, Glamour Magazine Awards, T for Telva Awards, GQ Magazine Party, and the opening party of OK Magazine.
Tour Jb Nightology Boat 2005.
The 1st and 2nd edition of the Goya Awards nominees
For international companies such as YSL, Oscar de la Renta, Infiniti, Cartier, Veuve Cliquot, Loewe, Kenzo, Aston Martin, BMW, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Dior, Tiffany & Co, Chanel y Missoni.
I’ve been also djed at private events for well known clients such as: Diandra Douglas, Don Rafael Medina, Don Manuel March, SAR Don Nicolás de Grecia y Doña Tatiana Blatnik, a long list.. that I can’t always mention due to privacy reasons…

4. Which one would you highlight?
I always remember them as great but I must highlight 2 of them. One is djing at SAR Don Nicolás of Greece and Tatiana Blatnik wedding party at the greek island of Spetses, it was a magical night, guests were surprised to see a spanish dj at such an important event, fact that made me feel so proud and before that being able to play music at Penelope Cruz 30th birthday party (I will always remember her as a gorgeous person).


5. What’s the secret to reach where you stand now?
Work, perseverance and more work. A continuous battle to evolve, dedicating many time and love with the only premise of having fun with what I do and when the time comes for acting in front of the public, wherever it might be, private event, club or disco, make people burst with joy of listening to unique and different sessions, making them happy, that’s the secret and that is what I fight for day after day.

6. What’s the most funny anecdote you have ever experienced?
Hahaha, many.. but I would say the once that happened some time ago at a private party in London, where at some point I was meant to play ‘Shut up’ by Black Eyed Peas, to match up with a video. The host was talking to the crowd while I was setting the song but I hadn’t realized that the sound master was on, so everyone was listening to the song, so they were laughing so hard that my only thought was earth please swallow me up.. Nevertheless, the host came to me and said, you are the only one that tells me to shut up apart from my wife, then started laughing after saying “Let’s go dancing!”

7. What else do you do apart from the musical scene?
I enjoy living as an unknown person does in his spare time, walk my dog, practice sports, and due to traveling so much for work, whenever I get home I like spending time with my friends, my partner and my family.

8. How would you define your look?
My look is natural and casual, I have just signed a contract with ‘Ecoalf‘, brand that I feel very identified with due to it’s compromise with the environment and with a watch maker called ‘Marco Mavilla‘.

9. Something that you feel proud of?
I feel very proud of waking up everyday having a job that I really enjoy and I love doing, that reaches out for people, added to the fact that I have magnificent clients that trust me year after year.

10. Many people consider themselves stars, how do you consider yourself?
A hard worker, that loves what he creates, that listens to loads of music, loves music, feels it and has the pleasure to share it, but above all enjoys something I am passionate about. My will is to continue feeling free and my dream is to get as many people as possible to appreciate my style, dedicating as much love and perseverance possible to the sets I create so that they fulfill the needs of whoever listens to them.

11. How do you see the dj scene nowadays and what would be your opinion about it?
Roughly speaking there’s many djs’ and lots of good and bad music.. Nowadays some dj’s are the masters of mass electronic music, what we know as EDM, some because they deserve it, and others take advantage of the latest technological devices. In my opinion, if you want to be a good dj you have to earn a wide musical knowledge, be able to do a good playlist and learn about the psychology to guess what people want to dance.. always keeping your own working attitude. A good dj has to be capable of transforming in a way that night after night the audience will keep on asking for more.

12. What are your present and future projects?
Right now I am working on producing music for the designers’ brand Missoni boutiques and I have just signed a contract for a project where I will create the playlist for all the National Geographic shops around the world, Madrid, London, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.
During the summer I will be djing at 2 important events, one in Gstaad and another one in London (can’t talk much about it but you will red about it on the news). In addition to the Starlite festival in Marbella and for the Madrid lovers I will be djing at the Reina Sofia’s Terrace every time I get the chance!
Shortly, I will also start up my own business project, closely related to music as you would imagine and will keep you up to date on it as it takes shape.

Congrats Julio Torres, you really know “play music”.

Web: Julio Torres Dj.
Facebook: Julio Torres Dj.

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